About Us

Every story has its own humble beginning, here’s ours…
Kapilou Products was first established in 2014.


Since then, Kapilou Products has expanded its product offering and widen its customer base to provide products Australia wide.


Driven by a desire to continue eating a Papua New Guinean diet, Cathy Currey (founder) began growing these foods in her backyard. With much popularity she found herself selling her local grown produce to family and friends. Sparked by this demand, she established Kapilou Products, best described as a village grocer.


At Kapilou Products we offer a selection of the finest seasonal produce and specialty Papua New Guinean items from our local farm and suppliers.


With an avid interest in understanding the importance of continuing a healthy diet, Cathy Currey understands the needs in our community and aims at providing and encouraging Papua New Guineans and pacific islanders to continue to eat a well-balanced village diet.


If you prefer to shop online, we now offer Australia wide shipping, delivering your products straight to your door.


Thank you for choosing to shop with us.